Join the world's largest organization of scouting cats and be purrpared for the biggest adventure of your lives!

What is Cat Scouts?

Cat Scouts is an organization founded to purrmote the development of young cats into good citizens. It is free to join the Cat Scouts community.

Cat Scouts advance through the ranks and attain badges based on merit for activities like camping, friendship, physical prowess, going to the vet and more. They learn teamwork and Cat Scoutcraft through swell activities within their troops and patrols.


Real Cat Scouts take care to wear their uniforms whenever they’re engaged in Cat Scout activities. Here’s the boycat uniform:

And here’s the girlcat uniform:

Click either photo for a higher res version. You’ll need to paste your own head on. There is not yet a merit badge for head pasting.

If you’re still a kitten, your Kit Scout uniforms are here.

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Need Help?

Email the Denmaster if you have any problems or questions!



You must be at least one year old to become a Cat Scout. If you’re not old enough yet, you can become a Kit Scout, so long as you don’t pester the older scouts and engage in shenanigans. You will be able to get ready for all the fun activities that await you so you’ll be purrpared for the moment you turn one year old.

Girlcats can become Cat Scouts, too, but they are required to sell treats on a card table in front of the supermarket to raise money to fund Cat Scout activities.


Are You Ready to Join Cat Scouts?

Do you want to get in on all the fun and excitement that Cat Scouts have? It’s Free Free Free!    Click here or on the Sign Up link in the main menu .
Then, the fun begins! You’ll get your Tenderpaw Patch and you can start working on your first merit badge right away. You are about to embark on the adventure of your lives. Click the Groups ‘n’ Troops link in the top menu to meet all of your fellow Cat Scouts.


Free Membership Cards

And don’t forget to order your FREE Cat Scouts Membership card! We will mail them anywhere on Planet Earth — even to the U.K! Even further than that if you provide the correct postal planetary code. Once you’re a member, send a message to @denmaster with your postal address.

Cat Scout Handbook!


If you’re serious about advancing through the Cat Scout ranks, you’ll need The Cat Scout Handbook. Fill out the form below to be notified when it’s available:

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This Could be You!

cats-scouts-america Experience the fun of eatin' dead stuff over a roaring campfire and taking a bunch of Kit Scouts snipe hunting. See who can tell the scariest ghost stories ever! And did we mention.... S'MORES????

Getting started in Cat Scouts is easy. Just email Cat Scouts requesting membership. Tell us what you want as a username. If you pass muster, we'll get you set up.

How to Log In

To Log In, click the Log In link in the top left-hand corner: cat-scouts-how-to__01 Once you're logged in, you can manage your account from the menu in the top right corner: cat-scouts-how-to__02 You can add a photo by clicking the profile link in the top-right menu. Click the "Change Avatar" link (see below) to add or change your photo. (NEW! You can also change your profile background wallpaper!) Use the menu in your profile to join groups and add friends. cat-scouts-how-to__04

How to Earn Merit Badges

Click the "Groups and Troops" link in the main menu to earn your merit badges. Each badge has its own group. (New badges are announced all the time in the Cat Scout News.) Join the group and post a photo or video of you demonstrating mastery of the skills for that merit badge! info-booth

Cat Scouts Information Booth

Whether you're new to Cat Scouts or a veteran, we welcome you to drop by the Cat Scouts Information Booth, located under Groups 'n' Troops.

An attentive Cat Scout is almost always on duty at the booth, ready to answer any question you might have. And, there are lots of answers to frequently-asked questions posted. This is also where we'll make announcements.

It's a great place to start when you first join Cat Scouts, but also a way for long-time Cat Scouts to discover new and exciting aspects of Cat Scouting.

A closer look reveals more of what the info booth has to offer. In addition to the attentive on-duty Cat Scout, there's info on the next Cat Scout Jamboree, an event no Cat Scout will want to miss.

Hooliganism is prohibited around the booth.

Keep in Touch

Follow Cat Scouts on Twitter and Facebook, and sign up for the weekly Cat Scouts Newsletter (the signup form is in the footer of every screen) so you don't miss out on all the fun!